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  • Awami Chat User rules Introduction, Request all users to abide by rules and policies

  • asks all users to abide by rules and policies. This is not to restrict your rights to free speech but to create a pleasant Chat environment for All.
  • The rules have been developed by the users of the chat over time and do not reflect the chat administrators own (possibly arbitrary) sense of morality.
  • The rules are enforced by chat members called Admins  or room handler who may kick or ban users for offensive or unacceptable behavior. Admins level increases over time and head Admins may also kick or ban lower level Admin or room handler in extreme cases of abuse.
  • Admins in turn are watched over by a Committee of selected Head Admins. New Committee is selected by vote the Committee and also by Awamichat Management Members who are being abused or harassed can ask Admins for help.
  • Room admins in turn can use two ways to report . The first is to mute user and second if offense is of serious level then will report to Admin committee and report potential problem Admins or users.
  • The second is to take screen shot(ss) of the current page to record what is actually happening. User can register an abuse report with a copy of the Adminss real nickname and ID. User should always get an accurate /id when reporting a case of abuse.
  • A complaint that says Admins (XYZ) is usually worthless since XYZ is probably not that Admins real nickname. If we get the ID there is a greater chance that some action can be taken against Admins who abuse their authority.
  • Abusive User can be handled in several ways.

  1. An Admin may be temporarily dropped by the Committee, and this removes the ability to affect other users with commands like mute/kick.banned Admins are usually between 1-4 days depending on the severity.
  2. An User may be ban either temporarily or permanently. An account may be suspended preventing the User from using the nick and in the chat for an undefined period of time, and there will be no compensation for time lost on the accounts due to suspension for abuse.
  3. An account may be removed in extreme cases of abuse, fraud, slander of Awamichat, advertising other chats Rooms, hacking, or other breach of contract.
  4. User who abuse are given many warnings and chances before any permanent action like suspension or account removal.
  • All users can:

  1. Use The Ignore Feature
  2. Block Whispers and Messages from Strangers
  3. File a User Report
  4. Harassment can be frustrating, or demoralizing, or scary. It’s also against the rules, and we’re here to help. Anytime you feel someone is breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, you can report the incident.
  • what is an chat abuse?

  1. Abuse is any behavior that harms someone else. It is when one person tries to control another using fear, violence, or intimidation Use of any Abusive word in any language which hurts other user Respect.
  2. Any kind of picture sending without the concern of other user is abuse.
  3. Any kind of Misbehave with other user.
  4. Disturbing any other user from chatting on main.
  5. One user who do not want to do chatting with other user(and other user is forcing or irritating user to chat comes under abuse.
  6. Tagging other user nick after warning, comes under abuse
  7. Use User nick to call him or her &Calling by own created name like(Moti/Mota/Uncle/Aunti/Sir etc) comes under abuse.
  8. Display of email or number or advertisement will come under abuse.
  9. Further definitions can be added, time to time in this regard.
  • Registration of nick/name:
  1. It is mandatory to register the nick or name with valid email id, we are asking this for the security of the room and filter good users.
  2. Guest user facility is available for temporary use and can be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Process of registration is available on main site (
  4. Administration team of awami chat:
  5. Team names are available on main chat room wall and will be updated on regular basis.
  6. Head Administration Team of awami chat:
  7. Head Administration team names are also available with emails for contact, on main chat room wall.
  8. Management committee of awami chat:
  • Names of Management teams are also available on chat room wall with valid email and all kinds of suggestions are welcome. So welcome to all of you from the management of ( and hope your stay will be pleasant.
  • Regard’s>>>  Management of